Photo of Arlington neighborhood streetCurrently, Arlington residents set out bagged trash for twice-a-week curbside collection. The bagged trashed is picked up by hand and placed into the back of a trash truck. Workers are exposed to safety risks related to extreme weather, working too close to traffic, and handling trash. These jobs are difficult to fill. Also, the supply of drivers with commercial driver’s licenses who can drive trash trucks is not keeping up with future demand. 

Because of the decreasing labor supply, major solid waste operators are discontinuing manual collection. They plan on relying on automated trucks that can pick up and empty trash carts using a mechanical arm to collect trash faster and safer. Arlington already uses automated trucks for recycle service which uses wheeled bins which are picked up once a week.  

City-wide automated trash collection will be begin in Arlington for residents by July 1, 2024. Once trash carts are in place, city wide, all curbside collection of trash, recycling, and bulk will be once a week. Details about trash cart delivery, trash cart color, and any changes to residents’ service day will become available six months in advance of the change. 

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