In September 2010, staff began working with residents of the Lake Port Meadows neighborhood, an 80.5-acre area located in southeast Arlington, generally situated at the southwest intersection of Mansfield Webb Road and New York Avenue. The subdivision is composed entirely of single family homes built in the early 2000s. Around the periphery of the neighborhood is a large amount of undeveloped land, including two future park sights, and some commercial and industrial uses, many of which have been in place prior to the annexation of the land by the City. The neighborhood is also in close proximity to Tarrant County College’s Southeast Campus, as well as two Mansfield Schools: Timberview High School and Thelma Jones Elementary School. Staff is providing professional and technical assistance in the preparation of their plan to a steering committee made up of Lake Port Meadows residents.

Draft Vision Statement

Lake Port Meadows is an inviting and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood with manicured landscaping, well-maintained homes and convenient access to shopping, exemplary-rated schools and higher education. Due to the well-lit, open streets and active crime watch participation, homeowners feel safe enjoying the neighborhood amenities and open spaces. The quiet country feel of the neighborhood also inspires socialization and camaraderie among the diverse group of family-oriented residents.

Draft Neighborhood Goals

  1. Create a Safe Environment where Residents Feel Secure in their Homes
  2. Improve Neighborhood Quality of Life
  3. Strengthen Community Ties
  4. Encourage Coordinated Transportation Efforts

Neighborhood Accomplishments

  1. Lake Port Meadows Homeowners Association was officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit organization.
  2. Received Neighborhood Matching Grants from the City of Arlington for street sign toppers, seed money for the creation of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, crepe myrtles to be planted along neighborhood streets, and, most recently, entryway lighting at Eden Road.
  3. Partnered with the Arlington Urban Design Center to study potential development scenarios for the future construction of Eden Road between Mansfield Webb Road and Chambers Creek Lane.
  4. Organized a neighborhood-sponsored cleanup at Fish Creek Linear Park as part of National Trails Day.
  5. Worked with the Public Works and Transportation Department to address safety issues in the Thelma Jones Elementary school zone.
  6. Received Bronze Level Award from Neighborhoods USA for neighborhood newsletter.
  7. Established Facebook page for the neighborhood.

Lake Port Meadows Neighborhood Plan