The harboring, breeding, maintenance, and flying of pigeons is permissible in the City of Arlington when a proper permit is obtained and kept current, with strict adherence to specific conditions and guidelines.

Animal Services seeks compliance with city ordinances to benefit the community while making neighborhoods a better place to live, work, and play. The City codes are designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of our neighborhoods. Effective June 26, 2012, an annual Pigeon Permit and Inspection fee was instituted. The rate is $35 per inspection and permit. Pigeon permit issuance sets forth an agreement with the applicant that the premises may be inspected by the City at all reasonable times to ensure compliance with city code. The conditions outlined in the Animal Chapter, City Code, and any other relevant law must be adhered to, or the Animal Services Manager may, at any time, deny the issuance or renewal of a license, as well as revoke or deny a permit. This may result in an order to have the pigeons removed from the City, or the issuance of an order to seize such pigeons if the Animal Services Manager determines it is in the best interest of the birds, or the health and safety of the citizens of Arlington.

For more information call Arlington Animal Services at 817-459-5898.