Code Compliance Services in accordance with State and Federal Law provides requirements for the inspection and operation of public pools, spas, and public interactive water features (PIWFs) and fountains, and to provide for the issuance or revocation of permits for the operations of public pools, spas, and public interactive water features and fountains. Please see applicable regulatory clarification information below.

Pool Operator Training

All persons maintaining or operating a public pool, spa, or PIWF, including operators from a servicing company, must have the appropriate training as required by Article VII, Section 7.06 and state law for the particular class of pool, spa, or PIWF being operated. Please see regulatory authority and available training courses.

Pool Yard Enclosures

Swimming pool barriers/enclosures are designed to keep small children away from a pool. The Code Compliance division plays an active role in protecting children by administering codes pertaining to pool enclosures.

Contact the Code Compliance immediately if you see or suspect a problem with a pool barrier or gate. In case of emergency call 9-1-1.

Waterborne Illnesses

New or Remodeled Public Pools, Spas & PIWF

Whenever a public or semi-public pool, spa, or PIWF is constructed or remodeled, plans and specifications are submitted to the Planning & Development Services department located on the 2nd floor of City Hall, telephone: 817-459-6502, for review and approval. All pools, spas and PIWFs must meet the requirements of the Texas Department of Health “Standards for Public Swimming Pool/Spa.”