Apparatus Specialist Job Description / Fleet Information

The Apparatus Specialist is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all activities associated with the Fire Department’s front-line apparatus, reserve apparatus, and the Reserve Apparatus Facility. This individual acts as the liaison between the Fire Department and both the City’s Support Services and the City’s fleet maintenance contractor, as well as serving as the primary contact for apparatus vendors. Duties of this position includes working with Fire Administration and the fleet maintenance contractor on scheduling preventative maintenance, facilitating the transfer of apparatus to and from the maintenance facility, ensuring the fleet maintenance contractor’s compliance to contractual obligations, tracking maintenance and repair trends, and educating the organization on apparatus issues.The Arlington Fire Department’s fleet consists of 16 front-line engines, 5 front-line aerial apparatus, 2 demand / special-event engines, 7 brush-fire trucks, 3 rescue units, along with numerous light-duty support vehicles. The Reserve Apparatus Facility houses an additional 5 reserve engines and 2 reserve aerial apparatus. The average age of our fire apparatus fleet in 2010 was 7.6 years. Our entire fleet of vehicles is currently valued at over 11 million dollars.