What is Teleserve?

The Arlington Police Department takes some police reports by telephone. This function, called Teleserve, allows residents to provide vital information to patrol officers and detectives while freeing more officers to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

If you file a report using Teleserve, you will receive the same report and quality of service that an officer would provide to you at the scene.

How Teleserve works

    • Call 911 and explain what you are reporting.
    • If your situation requires immediate police response, a 911 Call Taker will send help. If Teleserve can take your report, the 911 Call Taker will ask you for your phone number and other contact information and will send the call to Teleserve.
    • If you file a report using Teleserve, a Teleserve operator will return your call within 2 hours. You may provide a mobile phone number.
    • The Teleserve operator will take down your information and a detective will follow up when appropriate. If there are no suspects in your case, your case will be inactivated until further leads are developed.

Types of reports accepted by Teleserve

  • Report of break-in of a vehicle, self-storage unit or coin-operated machine.
  • Report of criminal mischief – such as vandalism or busted mailbox.
  • Harassment/telephone threats – including face-to-face, written or telephone threats. The victim should keep tape recordings or notes.
  • Lost property.
  • Report of theft – does not include theft of rental property, forgeries or credit and debit card abuse.
  • Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and motor vehicle theft – The name on the registration must list the caller or caller’s spouse. Includes attempted theft such as when the steering column is broken, but the vehicle is not stolen.
  • Fraudulent use of someone’s identification.

EXCEPTIONS – Police will respond if any of the following circumstances are present:

  1. The victim has been injured.
  2. Incident involves domestic violence.