The Building Inspections Division uses these notices to update contractors and builders regarding latest building code issues, zoning issues and policies.

The notices help explain code interpretations and enforcement procedures. The notices are e-mailed to builders and developers and to the Greater Fort Worth Builders Association. The notices are dated and the most recently dated notice is applicable should any of the notices conflict.

If you wish to have your name added to the notification list, send contact information to:

Rick Ripley (Building Official)
[email protected]


The contractor must pick up approved plans for all commercial and residential new construction, add-ons and remodel permits and for all swimming pool permits.

The plans will be available for pick up in the Planning and Development Services Department on the second floor of City Hall at 101 W. Abram Street.

The plans will be stamped "CITY APPROVED PLANS." The city-approved plans must be kept on the job site and must be available for the inspector when requested. If the approved plans are not available, the requested inspection may be withheld.

The building inspection department must approve any and all changes to the approved plans in the same manner the original plans were approved.


Outdoor construction activities for projects supervised by building permits shall be prohibited, if located within three hundred (300) feet of property used for residential purposes, during the following times:

(1) During the hours of 6 PM to 7 AM Central Standard Time,
(2) During the hours of 8 PM to 7 AM Central Daylight Savings Time
EXCEPTION: Homeowners performing work when acting as their own contractor.

The prohibition of outdoor construction activities may be appealed in writing to the building official. The building official may take into consideration the proximity of the proposed outdoor construction activities with adjacent residential uses and grant an exception to the prohibition. The building official may require the appellant to submit such information as needed to assist in the determination of residential adjacency. The building official must reply to the appellant within five (5) days of receipt of the appeal. Decisions of the building official may be appealed to the Building Code Board of Appeals as outlined in the Construction Ordinance.


All development for which a building permit is issued shall provide a trash receptacle capable of depositing, containing, and collecting refuse. The container shall be constructed or provided to prohibit trash from blowing or being displaced. Trash bins may be of a commercial type designated by the City Collector. If constructed on site, the minimum dimensions shall be eight feet in both width and length by four feet in depth (8'x8'x4′). Enclosed construction trailers located on-site may satisfy this requirement. Permits and inspections may be withheld in situations where trash is not properly contained.


Changes to Approved Building Materials

Clarification of TPO Program and Energy Star

Easement Use Agreement Process Changes

Modified Inspection Request Times

SWPPP Requirements for Demolition Permits