Chemicals found in your home, garage and storage sheds can find their way into our local waterways. These chemicals can have negative impacts on streambank vegetation, water quality and local wildlife. Remember to properly use, store and dispose of chemicals can help us maintain healthy local ecosystems.

  • Always read the manufacturer's label before buying, using, storing or disposing of any chemical.
  • Store chemicals indoors or in covered areas where rain water or flood waters will not reach. Always store chemicals in the original containers and keep in well ventilated areas.
  • If a spill occurs, clean it up quickly. Use sawdust, sand or kitty litter and sweep into a trash bag and throw it away.
  • Most water treatment systems cannot remove pesticides so never pour down sinks, toilets or down sewer or storm drain pipes.
  • Rinse empty containers 3 times - use the rinse water, don't pour down the drains! - then dispose of container in the trash.
  • Don't Stockpile Chemicals! If chemicals are outdated or unusable take them to a City Household Hazardous Waste Event or the Ft. Worth Environmental Collection Center.