The Citizens Environmental Committee (CEC) was created as a standing committee of the City of Arlington on January 10, 2006, through Council adoption of Ordinance 06-08. The original ordinance established a nine-member Committee this was subsequently amended on February 14, 2006, to provide one additional member to be appointed by the Mayor.

The Citizens Environmental Committee is charged with evaluating and recommending to the Arlington City Council initiatives and strategies for improving the quality of the natural environment in Arlington. These initiatives and strategies will focus on the following areas:

  • Air Quality
  • Solid Waste/Recycling
  • Water Quality
  • Handling and disposal of household hazardous materials
  • Clean-up events
  • Restoration of Natural Habitat
  • “Brownfields” Information
  • Recommendations for developing and implementing “green building” standards that ensure energy-efficient and environmentally conscious construction of City buildings to the extent attainable under budgetary constraints.

The CEC acts at the discretion of City Council. City Council will assign a topic for the CEC to research. If no assignment is made by Council, the CEC will select a singly policy area on which to focus, meet periodically (not less than four times a year) to gather information and formulate its recommendations, and submit those recommendations to the City Council.

Meeting Schedule:

The Committee currently meets six times per fiscal year. The meeting schedule is the evening of the third Wednesday of the second month of each quarter in the Public Works & Transportation Conference Rooms 1 & 2 (subject to availability

Status of Past Recommendations:

Since its inception, the Citizens Environmental Committee has made a total of 56 recommendations and strategic opportunities plan for the City Council.