In 2011, the City of Arlington adopted the Hike and Bike System Master Plan in order to create a seamless transportation framework to facilitate hiking and biking as viable transportation alternatives throughout Arlington.

Hike & Bike Master Plan Document

Read the City of Arlington, TX Hike & Bike Master Plan Executive Summary.


Bike & Pedestrian FAQ

Do I need to wear a bicycle helmet in the City of Arlington?

While helmets are encouraged for all bicyclists, Arlington requires helmets for all bicyclists under the age of 18. See the Traffic Ordinance for more information.

Are bicyclists allowed to ride on sidewalks?

Riding a bike on sidewalks is not specifically prohibited in the City of Arlington. However, riding on a sidewalk can actually be more dangerous than riding in the street, as motorists typically are not expecting to see a bicyclist on the sidewalk. For more information, please watch this video.

Please keep in mind, however, that Arlington does have some multi-use sidepaths (like along Northwest Green Oaks Blvd) which are specifically designed for both riding bicycles and walking.

How can I report maintenance issues on hike and bike facilities, signal light malfunctions, or safety concerns?

Please submit an Ask Arlington Request.


Jana Wentzel
Principal Planner