Smells that Repel Cats

  • Place coffee grounds and citrus peels into your flower beds
  • Apply cayenne pepper, lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, or mustard oil
  • Mix vinegar and water 1:1 and spray concrete areas
  • Reapply vinegar and water mixture periodically since the scent diminishes over time
  • Put a capful of ammonia (Windex or similar product) into your trash bags to keep cats out of the trash
  • Make a noise maker with a tin can and rocks to scare the cats away

Digging Deterrents 

  • Place CatScat on the ground with spike side up to discourage cats from digging (these are harmless mats or carpet runners are made of flexible plastic spikes)
  • Push chopsticks into small potted plants
  • Use pinecones, lava rocks, concrete pavers, or stones as mulch to prevent cats from digging
  • Place large river rocks throughout the garden or use poultry fencing or landscape wrap around plants

For More Serious Cat Issues 

  • Apply yard granules, available in many brands as a deterrent to help keep animals out
  • Install a solar powered motion sensor – it will let off a high frequency noise that will hurt a cat’s ears, but not humans
  • Mount a “scarecrow” also known as a “Yard Enforcer” that will shoot out a stream of water when motion activated. This needs a large radius and should only be used in very large yards

For More Information

Contact TNR Specialist, Crystal Steinborn at 817-575-8131, or contact Animal Services at [email protected], or by calling the shelter at 817-459-5898.