The City Secretary is the custodian of all City Ordinances and Resolutions. Copies and certified copies of these documents may be obtained in this office for a nominal charge. Other duties of this office include:

  • Preparation of City Council Meeting Agendas and Official Minutes
  • Maintaining record of all Births and Deaths within the City of Arlington
  • Conducting all City Elections
  • Notification, Billing and Collection of Street and Sewer Assessments
  • Issuance and Collection of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
  • Initial Acceptance of City Claims and Lawsuits

You can contact the City Secretary’s Office at 817-459-6186.

Or mail at:

    City Secretary’s Office
    MS 01-0360
    P.O. Box 90231
    Arlington, Texas 76004-0231

Or visit our office located in City Hall at:

    City Secretary’s Office
    101 W. Abram Street, 3rd floor
    Arlington, Texas 76010

You may e-mail the City Secretary

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