The Public Health/Community Engagement Team aims to improve the health of the Arlington community, reduce health inequities, and minimize the negative effects of social determinants of health. This is achieved by providing evidence-based education to prevent diseases and reduce health risks at the population level. The Team adopts a population-based practice approach, which focuses on the system, community, and individual/family, and provides quality support through education about risk for disease, prevention measures, and ongoing client support and advocacy. 
Our mission is to identify individual needs, provide the appropriate support, and develop strategies to prevent infectious and chronic diseases among citizens, especially our senior citizens and other vulnerable individuals.

Public Health and Community Engagement 

Substance Use Education and Awareness

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Communicable Disease Prevention

Sexually Transmitted Infection Education and Awareness including HIV

Respiratory Diseases Awareness and Education

Mosquito-Borne Diseases and Prevention

Needs Assessment

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