The Arlington Fire Department’s Public Health Unit consists of a Public Health Nurse and an Epidemiologist. To prevent disease and reduce health risks at the population level through evidence-based care and education, the Public Health Unit will provide education regarding public health concerns.

The Public Health Nurse’s mission is to improve the health of the Arlington community, reduce health inequities, reduce the negative impacts of social determinants of health, and aid in improving the economic, social, physical, and emotional wellbeing of diverse communities. This is accomplished through a population-based practice (system-focused, community-focused, and individual/family-focused) approach and by providing quality patient/client care, education about risk for disease, prevention measures, treatment options, and ongoing patient/client support and advocacy.

The Epidemiologist’s mission is to identify and prevent both infectious and chronic diseases through quality public health research, disease surveillance, program evaluation, and epidemiological research.

Complete the form below and select the topic you would like the public health unit team member(s) to educate your organization on.

Public Health Education

  • Aging Well
  • Behavioral & Mental Health Awareness
  • Chronic Disease Management (i.e., Diabetes, COPD)
  • Community Health Fair
  • COVID-19 Updates & Vaccine
  • Environmental Illness
  • Fall Prevention & Safety Tips
  • Infectious Disease Prevention (i.e., HIV, STIs)
  • Influenza
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Monkeypox Updates & Vaccine
  • Tobacco Use & Cessation

Community Health Education Request

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