recycling cart imageHow should I move my cart?

  • Make sure the lid is closed
  • Grab the handle with both hands
  • Place one foot against the base of the cart on the axle, and
  • Carefully tilt the cart toward you. Push or pull the cart to roll it
  • Do not drag the cart as it may result in damage
  • Do not tilt or roll the cart with the lid open
  • On hills, push the cart when going downhill, and pull the cart when going uphill.
    The cart should always be on the downhill side of you.
  • Use caution with your cart when moving your cart on ice or snow.
  • Please do not place bags of garbage next to or within 3 feet of recycling cart. This will prevent the automated arm from accidentally grabbing garbage bags which will tear and make a mess.

Where/how should I place my cart on collection day?

Carts should be placed either in the street with wheels to the curb, or within 3 feet of street. Cart opening should face the street.

Cart should be approximately 3 feet from bagged garbage, mail box, parked cars or any other obstruction.

A vertical clearance of 14′ to 16' is necessary for carts to be serviced. Low-hanging trees may obstruct cart from being serviced. (The minimum vertical clearance is 14 feet. However, 16 feet is preferable.)

Cart placement on collection day
Where should I store my cart?

Please show consideration for your neighborhood by removing your cart from the curb as soon as possible after your recycling is collected each week. Recycling carts should be stored in an area not visible from the street.

According to City code (Section 2.02 Residential Collection - Placement of Containers):

    • Recycling carts should not be placed curbside prior to 7:00 p.m. the evening before your collection day.
    • Recycling carts must be placed curbside no later than 7:00 a.m. on collection day to ensure pick up as recycling routes and pick up times vary.
    • Recycling carts must be removed from the curb by 7:00 a.m. the morning after your collection day.
    • When not placed at the curb for collection during the permitted times for scheduled collection, reusable recycling containers shall be stored so as not to be visible from the public street or right-of-way in front of the customer's residential premises. (Health Ordinance 2.02.01 A)

Cart Dimensions

Carts are available in 65-gallon size. The 65-gallon cart has a 5.2 sq. ft. footprint.

65-gallon bin (left) 25.1" W X 29.5" D, 5.15 sq. ft.

What if my cart breaks?

Please submit a request for a replacement cart via our Issue with my Cart form.