The Rapid Re-housing Program (RRHP) is a federally funded program designed to serve home-less persons and is a critical part of a community's effective home-less crisis response system. The program is regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Arlington (AHA). A fundamental goal of rapid rehousing is to reduce the amount of time a person is home-less.

Families and individuals experiencing homelessness are rapidly connected to permanent housing through assistance that may include the use of time-limited financial assistance and targeted supportive services. The program helps families and individuals living on the streets or in emergency shelters solve the practical and immediate challenges to obtaining permanent housing while reducing the amount of time they experience homelessness, connecting them to community resources that enables them to achieve housing stability in the long-term and avoid returning to homelessness.

Program Goals Include:

  • Employment
  • Residential stability
  • Increased skill level and or income
  • Self-sufficiency

Criteria for Eligibility:

Generally home-less persons are referred to the AHA for participation in the RRHP by the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition's coordinated entry process and agency partners:

Applicants must meet the HUD definition of homelessness. Participants must be willing to work closely with an assigned a case manager while on the program.

For More Information, Contact:

Ph: 817-276-6713
Fax: 817-962-1260
Email: [email protected]