What is the Accessibility Modification program?

The Housing Modifications for the Disabled and Elderly Program assists low-income individual and families with housing modifications to their rental unit to allow for greater mobility.

How do I apply for the modification assistance?

Applicant must complete an application and contact the Housing Authority in order to set up a meeting to turn in the application. You can contact the Housing Authority at:

  • Housing Authority of the City of Arlington
  • Attn: Housing Rehabilitation
  • 501 W. Sanford Street, Suite 20
  • Arlington, TX 76011
  • Or call 817-276-6707

Applicant can download a copy of the application or call 817-276-6707 and ask for an application to be mailed.

What kind of modifications can be made?

Wheelchair ramps, wheelchair accessible showers, lower light switches and widen doorways are all examples of modifications that can be made to the unit with approval from your landlord.

How much will it cost me to have the modifications done?

There is no cost to have the modifications completed at your unit. Your landlord must agree with the modifications and allow work to be done at your unit.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligibility requirements are based on gross income of everyone in the household, verification of a physical disability, landlord must provide written agreement for the modifications to the home, applicant must be an Arlington resident and the unit must be your primary residence.

What if problems arise after the modifications have been completed?

The AHA requires the contractor to provide a one year warranty on labor and materials. If a problem occurs after the work is completed, contact the contractor that completed the work first. If no response, contact the AHA.

Why do you need the social security numbers for everyone in my household?

Social security numbers must be submitted for everyone in the household so that the AHA may verify household income.