Is Teen Court real?

Yes. The cases presented at Teen Court are real and so are the sentences. The Teen Court judge has the power to remove any participants and observers who are disruptive or disrespectful in the courtroom. Termination from the Teen Court Program can result in conviction on the juvenile defendant's record.

Is there a dress code?

Teen Court is a formal and very serious place, commanding respect from all who participate in its proceedings. All participants (defendants, parents/guardians, guests and volunteers) are required to adhere to the following dress and behavior code.

The following is enforced for all defendants, jurors, and volunteers:

  • No caps or hats
  • No short shorts or short skirts
  • No tank tops or exposed midriffs
  • No inappropriate logos on shirts
  • No torn or dirty clothing
  • No sagging pants or exposed underwear
  • No pagers and cellphones

Teen Court reserves the right to refuse involvement to anyone who does not abide by the dress code.

What are the sentences or requirements for a particular offense?

Sentences or requirements of an offense consists of a specific number of hours of community service and a required number of jury terms as a Teen Court Juror. The Teen Court Jury assesses community service based on the evidence presented.

A range of hours for each offense is defined by a grid system which is based on the nature of the offense. The Teen Court Discipline Grid provides the range for the most common offenses and can include those not mentioned.

What happens if I don't finish?

If you do not complete your requirements by the completion date, you will be required to come back to court to see a judge to show cause as to why did not finish. It is at the judge's discretion whether you are given additional time to complete your requirements or if you will have to pay the fine and be found guilty.

What if I lose my Community Service Timesheet?

You will need to contact the Teen Court Coordinator to receive a new timesheet. Depending on the community service agency, previous hours may or may not be recovered.

Can I complete my jury terms or community service in another city?

Jury terms must be completed at the Arlington Municipal Court.

We would like that the community service is completed in Arlington to support our community with our court approved non-profit agencies. Community service can be completed in another city as long as you can show proof that the community service agency is a valid nonprofit organization, by providing a 501(c)(3) letter with your community service timesheet.

Can I bring a friend to do community service or jury terms with me?

No, you cannot bring your friends. Remember, the community service hours assigned and jury terms are the sentence for your violation. You must treat your sentence like a job.