In addition to offering teen offenders an alternative sentence, Teen Court offers teens and adults a chance to volunteer in our justice system while giving back to the community. Volunteers are the key to the success of Teen Court! Volunteers earn community service credit, help the program run efficiently, and directly impact teen offenders.

Volunteer Opportunities


Teen Volunteers give back to the community by aiding in the development of their peers as responsible citizens. Teen Volunteers develop skills in problem solving, critical and strategic thinking, and public speaking- all while earning community service credit you can put on your college applications!

Teen volunteers can serve as jurors and teen attorneys (prosecutor or defense attorney).


Adult volunteers are vital to ensure the continued success of the Teen Court program. Adult volunteers act as role models and mentors by giving back to the community in helping both teen defendants and teen volunteers.

Adults can serve as jury monitors, court clerks, and Teen Court judges. Currently, licensed attorneys volunteer their time to be Teen Court Trial Judges but any adult familiar with the Teen Court process can act as a Master Jury Judge.