The Neighborhood Engagement Program staff is pleased to offer the FREE Block Party Trailer and Block Party Permits for your next Neighborhood Block Party. The Trailer includes tables, chairs, picnic tables, coolers, water coolers, yard games and more to help you host the best Block Party ever!

A Block Party Permit is required to block off any of a residential street for neighborhood block party purposes, and/or to reserve the Block Party Trailer. Please use the same application form below to apply for a street closure only or to reserve the Block Party Trailer. There is NO FEE to apply for a street closure or the Block Party Trailer!

Apply for a Block Party

Download the application (street closure application and block party trailer application are the same)

Create a legible map of the area that should be blocked off in your neighborhood, using X’s to show where the barricades will go during your event.

If you wish to reserve the Block Party Trailer, you will need to do either of the following: Sign a liability waiver, provide proof of a neighborhood liability insurance policy, or purchase a TULIP policy (additional information below)

Notify ALL of your neighbors about your party and collect signatures from the affected neighbors. A Block Party must have the following percentage of affected homeowner approval based on the size of the street closure:    

Size of Street Closure/Signatures Required (Affected Homeowners)

More than ½ mile - 50% or more
Less than ½ mile - 75% or more

Send the completed application and the map to [email protected] at least 7 days prior to your event

Receive approval and confirmation from City staff

Get ready to party!