HANAFrom January 2010 through May 2013, a task force of residents from the Heart of Arlington neighborhoods – representing the Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association (HANA) and all residents, businesses, tenants, and other entities – developed a Neighborhood Action Plan to guide the evolution of their neighborhood in the coming years. The City of Arlington provided professional assistance with this plan in order to help HANA residents achieve these broad purposes:

  • Preserve the character and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhoods.
  • Establish guidelines and/or policies for protecting the integrity and character of the neighborhoods.
  • Plan for the future sustainability of the neighborhoods.
  • Build relationships among residents and between the neighborhoods and outside businesses and agencies.
  • Identify which types of development are appropriate for the HANA area and where future development should occur.

Center Street and Mesquite Street are the major north-south streets. Park Row Drive is the primary east-west street. Johnson Creek flows through the neighborhoods from southwest to northeast. The creek and the adjoining land, much of which is owned by the City and designated as a linear park, are major geographic features of the area.

All HANA neighborhoods are affected by their proximity to downtown Arlington and to the University of Texas at Arlington and the development of both. The City has a goal of maintaining strong, viable neighborhoods, and the University has an interest in the well-being of its neighbors. An important role of HANA is to facilitate communication and provide a point of contact for discussing and evaluating development and redevelopment.

Neighborhood Goals

  1. Enhance recognition of the HANA area within the city and further develop neighborhood identity and relationships among residents, non-resident property owners, business owners and managers, non-profits, and UT Arlington.
  2. Encourage new development, redevelopment, and future land use patterns that add long-term value to the community, both within HANA and around its perimeter.
  3. Maintain and enhance the quality, condition, and appearance of existing residential properties.
  4. Assure safe and efficient mobility for cars, trucks, bicyclists, and pedestrians, to provide for redevelopment opportunities while protecting the stability and residential character of the neighborhoods.
  5. Preserve HANA’s natural and scenic resources. Promote the responsible use of HANA’s resources to meet our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Encourage sustainable living and development in HANA.
  6. Preserve, protect, and improve the quality and extent of natural open spaces for residents of all ages and abilities in a manner that complements HANA’s role as an environmental steward.
  7. Create a safe and stable neighborhood environment free from crime and neglect.

Neighborhood Accomplishments

  1. Worked with the Parks and Recreation Department to remove the chain link fence around Julia Burgen Park and replace it with a wood rail fence, helping to open the area to residents and beautify the curb appeal of the park.
  2. Established a positive working relationship with UT Arlington to help tackle issues of common interest in the area of HANA around the campus.
  3. Collaborated with the Arlington Urban Design Center to study potential redevelopment scenarios at the southeast corner of Cooper Street and Park Row.
  4. Invested over $7,000 in Julia Burgen Park to install amenities including benches, picnic tables, and landscaping that will facilitate passive recreation such as walking, wildflower viewing, bird and butterfly observation, and natural history studies.
  5. Worked with developers of two proposed apartment complexes to ensure the design of the properties met the strategies of the neighborhood action plan and respects the neighborhood context in the area.
  6. Established Facebook page for HANA.

HANA Neighborhood Action Plan