Fish varieties at Lake Arlington include Black Bass, Sand Bass, Hybrid Stripers, Catfish and Crappie. The state laws of Texas govern the taking of fish from Lake Arlington.

Fishing Regulations

  • All persons over the age of 17 are required to have a state fishing license while fishing.
  • No person shall place a trotline or jug line in open water between the Bowman Springs Park buoy line the Lake Arlington dam.
  • No person shall fish from any bridge that crosses any part of the waters of Lake Arlington.
  • No person shall use or operate a boat other craft on Lake Arlington for the purpose of catching and taking fish or game for market or sale, except for the removal of rough fish as directed by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Legal Size Limits of Fish

  • Black Bass 5 per day; 14-inch minimum
  • Catfish (Channel and Blue) 25 per day; 12-inch minimum
  • Flathead Catfish 5 per day; 18-inch minimum
  • Crappie: 25 per day; 10-inch minimum
  • Sand Bass: 25 per day; 10-inch minimum
  • Hybrid Striped Bass 5 per day; 18-inch minimum