The purpose of the Comprehensive Stormwater Plan (CSP) is to provide a document that includes the guidance necessary for effective management of the City’s stormwater system. The CSP combines all Watershed Master Plans, the Localized Flooding Analysis, reported drainage issues, known maintenance issues, and the City’s stormwater regulatory requirements to provide a data drive prioritization framework for future mitigation projects and maintenance activities. The CSP is a dynamic and proactive strategic plan that will aid in identifying, planning, and prioritizing future stormwater projects on a “worst-first” basis in order to prevent and mitigate the impacts from flooding.

The Comprehensive Stormwater Plan's goals are to address identified Stormwater Management needs:

  • Reduce the existing potential for stormwater damage to public health, safety, life, property and the environment through mitigation projects.
  • Protect and enhance the quality, quantity, and availability of Arlington’s waterways.
  • Preserve and enhance existing aquatic and riparian environments and encourage restoration of degraded areas.
  • Establish comprehensive data driven prioritization framework for all maintenance activities and mitigation projects.
  • Promote equitable, acceptable, and legal measures for Stormwater Management.