The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation is a public charity serving Arlington exclusively. The issues we engage in are centered on people and neighborhoods, nature and animals and programs which enhance the lifestyle and culture of the city.

In considering support for local project, the Foundation board is endeavors to target more than 76% of annual funding for underwriting large grants which promise to have a large impact on the city and its citizens. Generally, projects in this category have a grant floor of $75,000 and may include support for capital and new programming efforts.

Recognizing the importance of ongoing programs which enrich and serve the people of Arlington, the Foundation typically targets 13% of funding for smaller grants with a grant floor of $5,000; ten percent of earnings will focus on underwriting City of Arlington endeavors.

The Foundation generally requires a financial match and/or sweat equity component as consideration for any grant awarded.

The full process from submitting an initial Letter of Inquiry to final grant consideration, may take up to four months.