Barking dogs impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods and are a common problem for any municipality. The City of Arlington has implemented the following procedures to assist residents in resolving this common issue:

1. First Complaint

The City of Arlington recommends neighbors attempt to resolve the problem through open communication.

Residents may request Animal Services forward a Notice of Complaint Letter and a training tips brochure to the owner of the animal.

2. Second or Subsequent Complaint

The City of Arlington recommends the use of mediation as an alternative means of resolving disputes without government intervention. Mediation is available through Dispute Resolution Services of Tarrant County, Inc. (DRS).

In addition, residents may file a Noise Complaint Affidavit with Arlington Animal Services. After review of the affidavit and supporting documentation, Arlington Animal Services may recommend the issuance of a citation. If the case is heard before the municipal court, a judge may require mediation services.

For more information, please print the following noise complaint affidavit informational letter and affidavit.

Is Your Pet Making All the Noise?

Please print the following informational brochure which provides training tips to assist you in resolving this problem. Keeping animals under control is a key element in maintaining a livable neighborhood. Please help both your neighbors and the city by being a responsible pet owner.