Bob Meister

We are proud to recognize Robert (Bob) Meister as the 2013 Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year for Arlington Animal Services. Bob continually goes above and beyond offering his service and expertise volunteering with dedication and enthusiasm.

As a Lead Volunteer, Bob serves as a trainer for new volunteers, and is constantly striving to find and contribute to shelter operations and service improvements for adoptable animals and visiting guests.

Bob is a tremendous asset to the pet mobile adoption program with his commitment to off-site events and assisting the shelter manager with special projects. Bob’s organizational skills contributed to providing a more efficient check-in process for the animals serviced at the spay neuter and vaccination clinics.

Animal Services Manager Chris Huff stated, “I wish I could clone Bob and many of our other volunteers to add to the success of the volunteer program“, and “his ideas and innovativeness comes from a history of leadership and experience”.

Staff, volunteers and guests at the Animal Services Center truly appreciate Bob’s hard work and dedication. Bob’s encouragement to staff and kindness to all is a constant characteristic earning him the distinction of Volunteer of the Year.

Congratulations Bob!

30 Seconds with Bob Meister

  1. What’s your name? Bob Meister
  2. Nick name? Bob
  3. How long have you been a volunteer? 2+ years
  4. Where are you from? Canada
  5. What music CD do you like? 60s & 70s
  6. What’s the last movie you saw? Wolf of Wall Street
  7. What’s your favorite animal? My Princess
  8. What’s your favorite reality show? The Amazing Race
  9. What book are you reading right now? Killer by Jonathan Kellerman
  10. Where was your last vacation? Puerto Rico
  11. What’s your favorite quote or saying? “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I need to be.” - By Douglas Adams
  12. What’s your favorite hobby? Gardening, deck building, spending money.
  13. How much time do you spend volunteering per week? 6 to 20 hrs.
  14. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? Volunteering at the Shelter is extremely rewarding. Management and staff are very dedicated and because of that, allow themselves to be over worked. As a result of that, they are very appreciative of any assistance that can be given. There are so many different things to do at the shelter that the sense of accomplishment is never ending.