Graffiti is a blight upon our community, and it is only through a cooperative effort of our citizens that graffiti and its negative effects can be controlled.

Make Your Property Graffiti Resistant

  • Install improved lighting and motion sensitive lighting.
  • Grow vines to cover unpainted retaining walls, or native shrubs with prickly or thorny foliage to block access to walls.
  • Install a graffiti resistant coating on your walls.
  • Cover drainpipes on commercial buildings to prevent scaling to roof.
  • Organize a commercial or residential Community Watch program. Call 817-459-5725 for assistance.
  • Create a “paint bank” with paint and supplies that others in the area can use when needed.
  • Keep matching paint on hand to paint out graffiti quickly. Studies have shown that eliminating graffiti within 24-48 hours is one of the most effective ways to discourage it.

Graffiti can often be removed without damaging the surface it is on.
If removal is not possible, the graffiti may be covered by painting over it.

Effective graffiti elimination does not leave “shadows” or “ghosts”, and does not follow the graffiti pattern such that letters remain apparent after they have been removed or covered. Shaping a removal or coverage area as a neat geometric shape such as a box or circle reduces the potential for “ghosts” or “shadows”. If the area is heavily covered with graffiti, it is best to treat the entire surface.

Before you eliminate the graffiti, take a picture and email it to the police at [email protected],​ or mail it to Arlington Police Department, to the attention of:

Gang Unit Sergeant
Arlington PD
P.O. Box 90231
MS 04-0343
Arlington, TX 76004-3231