The following table shows allowable exemptions for City of Arlington Local Hotel Occupancy Taxes:

  • U.S. Government
  • U.S. Government Agency Employees
  • Military Personnel
  • Diplomatic Personnel
  • Judicial Officials
  • Heads of State Agencies
  • Certain Members of State Boards and Commissions
    Permanent Residents
  • Any Occupant that has paid for a consecutive 30 days or has indicated in written form of their intent to occupy the room for 30 consecutive days.
    Non Profit Groups**
  • Nonprofit electric cooperatives, nonprofit telephone cooperatives, nonprofit housing cooperatives, housing finance corporations, public facility corporations, health facilities development corporations and cultural finance corporations.

* Identified by a photo ID indicating their exempt status.

** Certain non-profit entities are exempt from local taxes; they must provide a letter from the state comptroller’s office that authorizes their exempt status. If the nonprofit is unable to provide the letter, the hotel may look on the Comptroller’s website for organizations that have been issued a letter of hotel tax exemption.

Non-Profit Religious, Charitable, and Educational Organizations:

Employees and representatives of nonprofit religious, charitable, or educational organizations are EXEMPT from the STATE hotel tax when traveling on official business of the organization. The exemption DOES NOT COVER local hotel taxes, which must be paid. (State Comptrollers Rule 3.161)

State Exemptions:

State government employees must pay the tax due but are eligible to receive a refund directly from the City. Certain state employees (judicial officials, heads of agencies and members of state boards and commissions) are exempt from paying local taxes. They will be identified by a photo ID indicating their exempt status. This exemption does not extend to state college and university personnel, and employees of City and County governments.

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