Public Information Officer/Community Services

Lieutenant Adam Evans

The Arlington Fire Department PIO is tasked with keeping the community, as well as the media, up to date with Fire Department safety messages, activities and incidents. The PIO must assure that the Arlington Fire Department’s vision is continually communicated to the men and women of the Arlington Fire Department.
Lieutenant Adam Evans
Arlington Fire Rescue
Office – 817-459-5511

Other Job Functions

  • Developing and coordinating the Fire Department’s fire and multi-hazard life safety programs.
  • Coordinating the scheduling of emergency response units for fire and life safety presentations with the Operations Division.
  • Developing program objectives and performance measures, collecting and analyzing data and evaluating the effectiveness of programs.
  • Developing and coordinating the release of information to the media concerning community projects and departmental activities by preparing press releases, arranging staff interviews and responding to media questions.
  • Making presentations and communicating with all levels of the Department, educators, citizenry and the media and conducting public education programs.
  • Prepare and produce brochures, pamphlets and other printed and visual material for distribution and or presentation both inside and outside of the Fire Department.
  • Make recommendations regarding the budgetary needs for public education programs.
  • Scheduling and coordinating press conferences, awards ceremonies, promotional ceremonies and other department activities.
  • Representing the Fire Department during community programs and at public, social and business meetings.
  • Ability to identify any all needed community hazard educational programs, providing consideration for a wide variety of ages and community diversity.