Collage of Fire Department imagesThe Arlington Office of Special Events is tasked with operating public safety for planned events with 500 or more people. Special Events include but are not limited to Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers games, concerts, parades, Super Bowl XLV, World Series and the NBA All-star game in 2010. The Office of Special Events utilizes the emergency management cycle of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery to aid them in emergency functions. The tasks that face the Office of Emergency management include planning, training, drills, exercises, obtaining financial assistance and mutual aid, and the coordination of resources.

If an event is large enough or there is a large threat to an event the Arlington EOC will be activated to assist the Office of Special Events. The EOC will work with the appropriate city departments, volunteer organization, private organizations, as well as state and federal agencies to ensure that the citizens attending the event are protected from possible hazards.

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