There is no greater form of recognition for a telecommunicator than to receive a compliment from someone whose life they have touched and made better.

As a means of maintaining both Arlington Dispatch Service’s committed level of exceptional performance and community relations, we:

  • Encourage citizen’s recommendation for improvements in our service delivery
  • Welcome the commendations of Dispatch Services personnel who admirably perform their duties
  • Encourage commendations and/or questions about our center’s performance or actions of its members and employees.

Commendations can consist of any form of recognition; from a citizen’s letter to an award. Commendations should describe the events or incident, date and approximate time, and the telecommunicator’s name(s) and/or ID number. The Communications Manager will ensure the commendation is presented to the employee in the presence of his or her supervisor and peers and a copy of the commendation will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

If you would like to commend a Dispatch Services employee you may register your commendation in one of the following ways:

  • You may use our online feedback form. Once submitted, this form will be sent to the Action City’s Center for resolution.
  • You may email the Communications Administrator directly at [email protected]
  • You may choose to register your commendation in writing by mailing it to:City of Arlington Dispatch Services
    Attn: Rhonda Shipp Communications Administrator
    P.O. Box 231
    Arlington, Texas 76004-0231