2015 Honor Guard


To provide the City of Arlington Texas Fire Department
and its firefighters, with a dedicated group of individuals
who support the history, traditions and values associated
with the Fire Service, and who reflect a positive and
professional image of Arlington Texas Firefighters.

Honor GuardThe Arlington Fire Department Honor Guard was established on October 8th, 1985. The founding member was Captain Robert Bennett, who began organizing the Guard in the summer of that same year. The purpose of the Guard was to provide a dedicated group of professional Firefighters who would positively represent the Arlington Fire Department, its members, and the Fire Service during special occasions and ceremonies as needed. The Honor Guard originally consisted of only seven members, who had the advantage of military backgrounds. This was necessary to establish protocol and have members with a working knowledge of drill and ceremonies. Additional recruitments to the Guard in 1987, and 1990 increased the membership to fifteen. Currently, the Honor Guard is comprised of 24 active members.

Standing by the Flagpole

Since its inception the Honor Guard has been a volunteer organization made up of members of the Arlington Fire Department only. These dedicated individuals volunteer their time and resources in support of the Guard’s mission and they reflect the professional commitment the Arlington Firefighters hold towards the Arlington Fire Department, the City of Arlington, the State of Texas, and the Fire Service. The Arlington Honor Guard is supported by the Arlington Firefighters Association, The Arlington Fire Department, its Fire Chief, and the City of Arlington.

Arlington's Honor Guard StandingFor nearly four decades Arlington’s Honor Guard has a distinguished reputation by providing and supporting, color guards, ceremonies, parades, dedications, memorials, and funerals. The Honor Guard has performed these functions both locally and out of State. It is the intent of the Arlington Honor Guard to continue a tradition of providing these services, as a professional courtesy, to those individuals and organizations that have supported the Arlington Fire Department and the Fire Service.

Memorial If you should need the Arlington Fire Department Honor Guard to assist you in a particular event, please contact us by email or phone. Our availability depends on our current commitments and our manpower situation. If we are unable to assist you, we can at least help you locate someone who can.
Thank You

Contact: Deputy Chief Michael French, Honor Guard Commander
(817) 991-9084