Have a Happy Retirement!

Once you retire, keeping active will keep you young. Do some sort of activity each day that you enjoy. This can be walking, talking with friends, shopping or getting involved in the community. Make time to meet new people, volunteer, start a hobby, or even get a job! Happiness usually happens when a person is doing something they enjoy.

Naturally Funtimes Magazine

Check out the online version of Arlington Parks and Recreation's FUNTIMES catalog, available in hard-copy at City Recreation Centers and at City Hall.

Wellness For Life Initiative 

The City of Arlington Wellness For Life initiative is a great way to stay in touch with former colleagues, meet new employees, maintain existing friendships or make new ones, all while staying active and healthy.

Throughout the year, there are many activities built in the program that retirees can choose to participate in as they strive to meet their health goals. Some of these activities include preventive care visits, community events, health programs/trackers, quizzes, wellness work sessions, flu shots, physical fitness, recreation center activities and a health fair.

You can find more details about these events by contacting the Wellness Life Team at 817-459-6857.