ParkviewIn September 2008, staff began working with residents of the Parkview neighborhood, a 93-acre area located in east Arlington, east of the downtown area and immediately west of the General Motors Assembly Plant. Parkview is mostly developed with single family residences built between 1950 and 1953. There is a small commercial area adjacent to the neighborhood on East Abram Street that contains businesses such as automotive service, offices, restaurants and small retail stores. The area is bounded by East Abram Street, Stadium Drive the Union Pacific Railroad and the General Motors property. Staff is providing professional and technical assistance in the preparation of their plan to a steering committee made up of Parkview residents.

Parkview Vision Statement

Parkview neighborhood is an historic early Arlington neighborhood that celebrates its diversity and unique heritage. Parkview prides itself on being a friendly, inclusive neighborhood where residents of different cultures, ethnicities and generations live harmoniously.

Parkview is an established neighborhood with large lots and mature trees, and is a secluded paradise, which provides a pleasant and quiet environment in which to abide. We have a strong community network and care about our neighbors. We strive to be a safe and family-friendly neighborhood. Parkview celebrates the diversity of its residents. Parkview is centrally located within close proximity to downtown Arlington, Levitt Pavilion, hospitals, the Entertainment District and UTA. As a neighborhood, we have the opportunity to make our addition better and capitalize on the changes that the City of Arlington and the Entertainment District are making in east Arlington. This is our chance to make our little neighborhood a place where everyone would like to live. Parkview…It’s all in the name.

Neighborhood Goals

  1. Establish a strong neighborhood network.
  2. Protect and enhance the image and appearance of the neighborhood.
  3. Create a neighborhood that is safe and inviting for all residents and conveys a feeling of security and comfort.
  4. Create a safe environment for people and vehicles to interact comfortably, safely and efficiently.
  5. Encourage development and redevelopment of property to increase economic vitality for the Parkview neighborhood and east Arlington.


  1. Parkview Addition Community was officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit organization.
  2. Received a neighborhood beautification grant of $21,000 from the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation. The grant will be used to upgrade street lighting in the neighborhood.
  3. Received neighborhood matching grants from Arlington Strong Neighborhood Initiative. The grants were for street sign toppers, seed money for the creation of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Parkview Addition Community), painting house address numbers on curbs and adding reflective address numbers to houses with addresses not visible from the street.
  4. Partnered with the Arlington Urban Design Center to study redevelopment scenarios for East Abram Street between Stadium Drive and Terry Drive.
  5. Hosted a neighborhood meeting at Hugh Smith Recreation Center in May 2009 to discuss the future of Parkview.
  6. After the reconstruction of all the streets in the neighborhood, Parkview Addition Community hosted a barbecue to thank the street crew for all their work.