Arlington Water Utilities protects public health by providing high quality water and safely disposing of wastewater in a cost competitive manner, while continuously improving service to our customers and planning for future needs. View the department's most recent annual report at this link. 

We Believe in Being

  • Safe
  • Protective of Public Health
  • Ethical
  • Results Oriented
  • Quality Focused
  • Cost Competitive
  • Accountable
  • Proactive
  • Responsive
  • Innovative
  • Respectful
  • Reliable

Priorities and Strategies

We continue to increase our water and sewer capacity based on Master Planning.
We continue to increase our Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Projects to continuously upgrade our system.
We utilize the Roadway Water Drainage committee to coordinate projects.
We believe in technology utilization for all.
We maintain an aggressive sanitary sewer maintenance program to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows.

Human Resources
We train diligently to ensure excellence.
We invest in front line employees with potential.
We promote personal wellness.
We are flexible with work hours when possible.

Long-Term Water Supply
We actively participate in the Tarrant Regional Water District.
We keep the Council and Ratepayers informed on issues.
We develop and utilize a long range financial forecast.
We actively participate in water supply legislation.

We continuously assess our competitiveness in the water industry.
We review technology for productivity improvements.
We incorporate competitiveness in all capital improvement activities.

Regulatory Compliance
We participate with agencies and associations to be informed.
We communicate with Council and Ratepayers regarding issues.
We initiate projects and programs to explore alternatives to mandates.
We maintain constant compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Financial Stability
We keep Council informed and supportive of the rate structure.
We control expenditures.
We actively pursue bad debt and provide incentives for early payment.
We balance Fixed Cost vs. Commodity Charge.

We conduct our work safely.
We promote and ensure security of our water and wastewater facilities.