Mobility-Wordle“Enhancing Regional Mobility” is a priority of the Arlington City Council. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Arlington’s transportation connections within and beyond our borders is critical
because of our central location within the region and important  to growing our economy. Our community is at the crossroads. As the regional and statewide conversation to increase mobility continues, Arlington faces an important decision to determine its place in the future of this system.

MaxConnectivity and Coordination

The interconnected nature of transportation systems requires that viable solutions are created with private and public partners at the local, state and national levels. Successful solutions will be tailored to the needs of Arlington residents and  Connectivity and Coordination visitors, emphasizing connections to key destinations. As a result, access through and around the city will be improved and disparate elements of our transportation system will be organized into a multimodal system with regional connections.

Infrastructure Matches Need


Arlington recognizes the importance of providing adequate roadway, bicycle and pedestrian, and aviation infrastructure to ensure residents and visitors can travel safely and efficiently. The City also supports efforts to provide and expand a seamless regional transit system that includes high speed rail. It is important that our infrastructure investment corresponds to the desires of the community. 

The City will strategically invest available funds in transportation while working to develop alternative funding streams to provide an expanded and stable source of revenues dedicated to infrastructure. A corporate emphasis on measuring achievement will  provide the Council and the community with a clear connection between their investments and the work being done.

Benefits and Outcomes

AirportArlington seeks to enhance those areas of our existing infrastructure which are not adequate to accommodate the current residents, forecasted population and employment growth, and increasing numbers of visitors. Improvements to mobility in Arlington and the region will reduce congestion, improve air quality, provide more travel choices and increase the safety of travelers. Freight mobility and accessibility will be enhanced to improve operations and maximize the security of the freight transportation system.