Who is Arlington's City Manager and how do I contact him?

Arlington's City Manager is Trey Yelverton. Mr. Yelverton can be contacted at 817-459-6100. His office is located at 101 W. Abram Street, 3rd Floor.

His mailing address is Mail Stop 01-0300, P.O. Box 90231, Arlington, TX 76004-3231. The City Manager has three Deputy City Managers. Click here for more details.

When does the Arlington City Council meet?

The City Council generally meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. All afternoon Council meetings are held in the Council Briefing Room on the third floor of the Municipal Building, located at 101 W. Abram Street. All regular evening meetings of the Council are held in the Council Chamber on the first floor of the Municipal Building. All Council meetings are open to the public. Television coverage of these meetings is aired on ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL.

You may access the agenda here, on ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL, or pick one up from the City Manager's Office, located at 101 W. Abram Street, 3rd Floor.

How is the City Council's Work Session different from the Council meeting?

In the Work Session, the Council discusses items on the agenda for the evening's Council meeting and larger projects going on in the City. The Council does not typically receive input from citizens at this meeting, but residents are welcome to attend and observe.

In the regular meeting, items for consideration by the Council are outlined in a formal agenda. The sections of the agenda include the consent agenda, public hearings, ordinances, new business, and citizen participation. The agenda is available on ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL and www.arlington.hosted.civiclive.com.

How do I go about speaking before Council?

Citizens who wish to speak about a topic on the consent agenda must fill out a consent agenda card prior to the beginning of the meeting. Citizens who wish to speak about items scheduled for public hearing must fill out a card for agenda items, and, during the public hearing, those individuals who filled out cards and wish to speak, will be given the opportunity to speak about the specific topic of the public hearing. Citizens who wish to speak about any topic during the citizen participation section of the meeting must fill out a participation card prior to the beginning of the meeting. All cards must be returned to the City staff members at the entrance of the Council Chamber.

In addition, the last portion of the City Council's regular session is Citizen Participation time. Citizens may speak about items that are not on the agenda. However, a card must be filled out prior to the session beginning.

Is it possible to get minutes from a Council meeting?

Yes, minutes are available the first Monday after the Council meeting has taken place. Historical minutes are also available. There is a copy charge of 10 cents per page for requests over 10 pages. Contact the City Secretary's Office at 817-459-6186 to obtain a copy of the minutes.

Minutes are also available online the Friday after each Council meeting, at www.arlington.hosted.civiclive.com.

Who is Arlington Planning and Zoning Commission?

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a nine-member board responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on zoning and subdivision matters. They also participate in special studies, as well as serve as the Capital Improvements Program Advisory Committee and the Airport Zoning Commission.

The nine Commissioners are appointed by City Council. The two-year terms are staggered and are limited to three terms. Commissioners are appointed each July.

How do I speak to the Planning and Zoning Commission?

The Planning and Zoning Commission usually meets in regular session on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber in the City's Municipal Building located at 101 West Abram Street. Commission meetings are televised live on public cable television, ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL.

Citizens who wish to speak about items during the public hearing portion of the agenda must fill out a card and return it to the City staff members prior to the meeting going into session.

What types of city boards and commissions can I serve on?

If you are interested in being active in your City government, there are numerous boards and commission positions available. Permanent boards and commissions assist the Mayor and City Council with technical information and make recommendations on general policy. Most boards and commissions function in advisory capacities, but some have final decision-making authority.

Citizens are appointed by the Mayor and Council to serve a limited number of two to three-year terms.

How do I apply to serve on a board or commission?

You may obtain a copy of an application at the Mayor and City Council Office at 101 West Abram Street, 3rd Floor.

Completed applications should be returned to the Mayor and City Council Office. Completed applications are forwarded to the City Council Livable Neighborhoods Committee for review and recommendation to the full City Council. To have an application mailed to you or for more information, contact the Office of the Mayor and City Council at 817-459-6121.

What is Arlington's Government Channel and what kind of programs does it show?

ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL is the City of Arlington cable channel. ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL broadcasts all City Council work sessions, regular meetings, and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.

For more information about ARLINGTON'S GOVERNMENT CHANNEL program schedules, contact the Office of Communication at 817-459-6402 or visit the City of Arlington website at www.arlington.hosted.civiclive.com/Broadcast.

What is a Citizen Action Request?

The Citizen Action Request offers citizens the opportunity to inform the City of a problem or offer suggestions. Information is sought whether you live, work, or are just visiting Arlington. In the past, requests have ranged from reporting vandalism to concerns over safety issues. The City of Arlington encourages you to submit suggestions and ideas, as well as, voice any concerns you may have.

During regular business hours you can contact the City Managers Office at 817-459-6100 with your request or concern. Or submit your full name, e-mail address, home address, zip code, daytime phone number, description of the problem or suggestion, and date and location of the problem via e-mail through the City of Arlington's website at www.arlington.hosted.civiclive.com.

Does the City of Arlington use volunteers?

Aside from volunteering to participate on one of the citizen boards appointed by the City Council, every department within the city can use volunteers. Citizens may also volunteer their time to their local library or park.

At present, over 400 volunteers donate their time. To become a volunteer, stop by the Workforce Services Department at 501 W. Main Street to pick up an application or call 817-459-6869 to have an application mailed. Once your application is submitted, a background check will be conducted. You will then meet with Supplemental Employment Services to discuss what you would like to do and the city's needs. For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Supplemental Employment Services at 817-459-6869.