What types of businesses may I operate out of my house?

The home-based business provisions of the Zoning Ordinance list specific activities that are authorized in residential zoning districts. They include catering services; computer-based businesses; day care for 6 or fewer children; direct sellers; hand-crafted arts studios; house cleaning services; instructional art studios; photography studios; private lessons; sale of homemade goods and crafts; tailor or seamstress, and telephone based businesses.

For more information, contact Building Inspections at 817-459-6502.

Do I need a license to operate a home-based business? If so, where do I get one?

All home-based businesses must register with the Building Inspections Division. You may obtain a home-based business registration form from the Development Services Desk located at 101 West Abram Street, 2nd floor, or by calling 817-459-6502 to have a form mailed to you, or an application form can be downloaded from the Building Inspections web page.

A $10 annual fee is assessed for application processing and the mailing of a certificate. Return the completed form and fee by mail or in person to the Development Services Desk, 101 West Abram Street, 2nd floor, Arlington, Texas 76010 for processing. Approved registration certificates will be mailed to you.

A valid registration does not authorize a business to become disruptive to a neighborhood. Ordinance restrictions that promote compatibility include prohibited on-site advertising and outside storage, and restrictions on parking and hours of operation. In addition to the homeowner, only one employee can be at the business at any time. Additionally, the granting of a registration certificate does not authorize violation of applicable neighborhood deed restrictions.

Where do I get a marriage license?

Contact the Tarrant County Sub-Courthouse at 817-548-3928. The Sub-Courthouse is located at 700 E. Abram St. in Arlington.

How do I register my vehicle?

Contact the Tarrant County Sub-Courthouse at 817-548-3928.
The Sub-Courthouse is located at 700 E. Abram St. in Arlington.

Where do I get a driver’s license?

A Texas driver’s license can be obtained at the Texas Department of Public Safety located at 3901 West Arkansas Lane in Arlington.

If you have moved from another state, you will need to register your car, have it inspected, and show proof of insurance prior to applying for a Texas license.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Safety at 817-274-1818.

What is a building permit and when do I need one?

A building permit is written authorization to construct a building, addition, fence or other structure. Permits are granted after building plans have been reviewed and determined to meet the requirements of the Uniform Building Code and City Zoning Ordinance.

Permits are required when erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, improving, removing, converting, moving or demolishing any building, storage sheds or fences or other improvements.

Permits are not required for any cosmetic changes such as new carpeting, painting, installing new cabinets or hanging wallpaper. Also, permits are not required for reshingling roofs.

For specific questions or more information, contact Building Inspections at 817-459-6500 or visit Building Inspections web page.

Where do I get a building permit?

A building permit application can be obtained at the Building Inspections Division located in the Municipal Building at 101 West Abram Street, 2nd floor. The cost of a permit varies depending on type of building and the square footage.

If the permit is for new residential construction on a vacant lot, the following is required:

    • Two copies of a site plan.
    • If a post-tensioned foundation is proposed, one set of engineered foundation documents.
    • A water/sewer impact fee and tap receipt.
    • Applicable Park/Roadway Impact Fee payments.
    • Applicable building permit fees.
    • A completed Deed Restriction affidavit, affirming compliance with applicable restrictive covenants.
    • One set of construction plans for zero-lot line homes and houses greater than two stories in height.

For other types of remodels or repairs, contact Building Inspections at 817-275-3271 or visit our Building Inspections web page for additional information.