Image of an audience at a presentation

For your convenience, presentations are provided below for review and for training purposes for apartment community staff.

Arlington Police Department - Operation ID

Presented by Officer Kimberly Fretwell

Arlington Housing Authority - Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

Presented by Leah Hendricks, Housing Specialist

Sanitary Sewer Overflow Response

Presented by Melissa Walker, Stormwater Education Specialist with Stormwater Management

Keys to a Successful Multi-Family Inspection

Presented by Code Compliance Officers Victor Alfaro; Lynn Trotter; Victor Pizarro; and David Engel



Map of Arlington Apartment Properties

The map below shows locations of Arlington apartment communities and the name and contact information of the assigned Code Compliance officer. The annual inspection score and property rating is also provided for each apartment community

For more information contact a member of the Code Compliance Services Multi-Family Team:

  • Ann Ebert, 817-459-5985
  • Abelardo Gomez, 817-459-5864
  • Gabriel Sanchez, 817-459-6256
  • Maddie Torres, 817-459-6275
  • Victor Alfaro, 817-459-6278