Post-Production Inspection Requirements for Abandoned Well Sites in Preparation for Development

The City of Arlington has more than 50 well sites and approximately 350 permitted wells.  Section 7.03(A) of the Gas Drilling and Production Ordinance (the "GDPO") states that whenever plugging and abandonment is required by rules of the Texas Railroad Commission, the well operator shall restore the drill site to its original condition as nearly as practicable. The principal purpose of this requirement is to render the site reasonably suitable for future residential or non-residential development.

The operator is responsible for restoration of the property.  It is a logical extension of the State imposed obligation to plug and abandon a gas well, and until restoration is complete, Section 7.03(D) precludes the issuance of a building permit for development on the site.  As a matter of policy, the City favors the environmentally safe and beneficial reuse of a former gas well site. The operator is in the best position to ensure that successors in interest obtain a site that is marketable and ready to proceed as quickly as possible through the rezoning, platting, and permitting processes.

The City has produced a "Post-Production Inspection Technical Guidance" process and document that establishes standards for restorative sampling and reporting. The operator is advised to hire a Texas-licensed Professional Geoscientist or Professional Engineer to conduct both interim post-production inspection and final post-production inspection. The process concludes with submittal of a summary report to the City, which documents all screening and sampling results.


Fore more information on the Arlington Post-Production Inspection program and requirements, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department at 817-459-6502.