Arlington Animal Services’ mission is “Working together as a community, we will improve the lives of animals.” For those who do not want to have wildlife on their property we have a proactive approach: 

Animal Services understands that there are times that trapping, or removal of problem wildlife is warranted. Even with the removal of a nuisance animal this does not stop another animal from moving into its territory.  Removal without addressing the underlying source will not stop further problems. We are available to answer questions our web page may not address. Please email questions to [email protected].

Finally, if you love wildlife, please “Let Wildlife be Wild”. That means don’t provide wild animals with food as that habituates the animal to humans which could make a dangerous situation for people and pets.

Wildlife has survived without our assistance for many generations; just enjoy their beauty from afar and appreciate their ability to be independent and self-sufficient.

If you are not a big fan of wildlife, please “Let Wildlife be Wild”. That means eliminate any attractants to your home or yard, keep your chimney capped, keep landscaping groomed, feed pets indoors or pick up immediately after, and keep trash containers tightly sealed. If you do not attract them, they will stay away. 

For more information about specific wildlife visit our Urban Wildlife Animals website.

Let Wildlife Be Wild!