2020 Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year - Debbie Best

2018 Bill McCart Volunteer’s of the Year
2020 Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient - Debbie Best

Arlington Animal Services is excited to announce the recipient of the Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year Award for 2020 - Debbie Best!

Debbie has many fascinating talents. One example is when she shares her expertise with volunteers and staff teaching enjoyable puppy and cat yoga classes. Debbie was also a falconer for over 10 years, and she has a pet rabbit.

Debbie is passionate about working with fearful homeless animals, and is skillful and exceptionally gifted in the area of dog socialization training. Her nurturing essence provides a calming effect on dogs in the shelter environment, helping them reveal their true personalities for successful adoption into forever homes.

Since August 2017, Debbie has volunteered more than 417 hours, serving with enthusiasm and a passion for helping the shelter animals, earning her this year's award. 

As this year's award recipient, Debbie shared that she is honored to be chosen, and "grateful for every day she gets to come volunteer."

Much Appreciation and Congratulations Debbie!

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    30 Seconds with Debbie Best

    1. What’s your name? Debbie Best
    2.  Nick name? None
    3.  How long have you been a volunteer? Since August 2017
    4. Where are you from? Lubbock Texas
    5.  What music CD do you like? Eagles
    6.  What’s the last movie you saw? Seabiscuit
    7.  What’s your favorite animal? Golden eagle
    8.  What’s your favorite reality show? None
    9.  What book are you reading right now? None
    10.  Where was your last vacation? Hawaii
    11. What’s your favorite quote or saying? Live, laugh, love
    12. What’s your favorite hobby? Refinishing furniture
    13.  How much time do you spend volunteering per week? 4+
    14. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? Dogs, dogs, dogs