New or Remodeled Public Pools, Spas & PIWF

Professionally designed plans for newly constructed and extensively remodeled public or semi-public pools, spas, or PIWFs must be submitted electronically to All pools, spas and PIWFs must meet the requirements of the Texas Department of Health “Standards for Public Swimming Pool/Spa” and all applicable ordinances and building code standards.

 Pool Yard Enclosures

Pool barriers/enclosures are a required safety feature of all public pools and spas to deter unauthorized access to the body of water and to prevent accidental drowning. A separate permit application for pool yard enclosures/fencing must be submitted to  Pool yard enclosures must meet Chapter 757 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. 

Construction Inspections

The following Health Division inspections are required on all public pools, spas, and PIWFs during construction:

  1. Pre-gunite
  2. Pre-plaster
  3. Pre-operational
  4. Permitting/opening 

Failure to obtain the required inspections may result in delays to the project or mandatory disassembly/removal of work performed prior to obtaining a passing inspection. 

To request a Health Division public pool, spa or PIWF construction inspection, email [email protected].  Please allow us 2 business days to accommodate your inspection request. 

Building inspections, including fence, plumbing, electrical, bonding, and deck inspections, for pools must be requested on