Components Of The Agreement

How long is the new agreement between the City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers for the future ballpark?

The non-relocation agreement with the Texas Rangers extends until 2054. Additionally, two 5-year renewal options exist that could keep the Rangers here until 2064.

How much will it cost to build the new ballpark?

While designs and costs have not been finalized, the cost of the new ballpark and related infrastructure is estimated at $1 billion. The Master Agreement caps the City's contribution at $500 million.

Will public funding pay for anything other than the new ballpark?

No, the City's investment will go toward the new ballpark and related infrastructure only.

What effort will be made to ensure minority participation in the building of the new ballpark?

In coordination with a Community Advisory Committee, the Texas Rangers and the City of Arlington will develop a Community Benefits Plan to ensure a diverse workforce is achieved. The Rangers agree to implement that plan to provide meaningful community benefits and appropriate opportunities for local companies, as well as racial and ethnic minority or women-owned companies (MWBE), in the design, development, procurement and construction of the new ballpark. The agreement calls an overall goal of 25 percent use by the Team of qualified MWBE companies.

Will Arlington's name be placed on the new ballpark?

The master agreement between the City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers calls for Arlington to be prominently featured inside and outside the new ballpark. It also calls for the team to use its best efforts in radio, TV, media guides, the website and other marketing materials to highlight Arlington.

Who will own the new ballpark?

The City of Arlington will own the new ballpark. The Texas Rangers will be responsible for designing and building the facility.

Will the team's headquarters stay in Arlington?

Yes, under the master agreement, the Texas Rangers' headquarters and executive offices will remain in Arlington.


How will the City of Arlington pay for its portion of the cost?

Sixty percent of residents voted November 8, 2016, to help publicly finance the new ballpark by extending existing venue taxes approved in 2004 to build AT&T Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. These taxes - a half-cent sales tax, 2 percent hotel occupancy tax and 5 percent car rental tax - will pay off the City's contribution to the future ballpark.

How will the Rangers pay for its portion of the cost?

The Texas Rangers will fund a sizable portion of its contribution through private loans, cash, and/or equity contributions. The Rangers could elect to use the parking and ticket taxes approved by Arlington voters to back team debt on the stadium. Additionally, the team could apply any fees paid by the City for the sale of individual “Stadium Builder Licenses,” which enable the license holder to buy tickets for certain seats in the new ballpark, toward its debt.

When will the City of Arlington's current debt for AT&T Stadium be paid off?

The City's portion of AT&T Stadium debt is being paid off through a half-cent sales tax, a 5 percent car rental tax, and a 2 percent hotel occupancy tax approved by the voters in November 2004. Currently, the debt is scheduled to be paid off in 2028 but is projected to be repaid at a faster pace.

Who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ballpark and associated facilities, including parking?

The Texas Rangers are responsible for all maintenance and operating expenses for the ballpark, such as utilities, and associated facilities, including parking lots.


When will construction begin and when will the team start playing there?

Construction could begin as early as 2017, and the first game in the new ballpark could be played as early as the 2020 season.

Where will the team play while the new ballpark is being constructed?

The Texas Rangers will continue to play in Globe Life Park in Arlington during the construction of the new ballpark.

Will homes be torn down to make room for a new ballpark?

No. The ballpark will be built in what is currently a team parking lot.

Ballpark Design

Where will the new Rangers ballpark be located?

Plans call for the new ballpark to remain in the Arlington Entertainment District, south of the current
ballpark, south of Randol Mill Road and west of Stadium Drive.

When will the design of the new stadium be released?

Design plans are still being developed.

Will the new ballpark have a roof?

The new ballpark will feature a retractable roof.

What will happen to Globe Life Park in Arlington once the new ballpark opens?

The City of Arlington is in current discussions with the Texas Rangers about the future of the Globe Life Park property. The City is working with the Rangers to determine opportunities for repurposing Globe Life Park.