Arlington has 'can-do' spirit and seeks to remain at the forefront of innovation, industry, education and entertainment.

Good news for anyone relocating to the area or just looking for a new job locally, Arlington is at the epicenter of one of the strongest job markets in Texas.

Home to a variety of prominent and small businesses, Arlington provides significant employment opportunities (check out our top ten employers). But the jobs don’t stop there. The entire Dallas-Fort Worth area is teaming with occupational and career choices. Arlington’s location, along with its highway/freeway networks, make getting anywhere in the Metroplex accessible within a 30-minute drive.

Arlington encourages and rewards self-determination and achievement. Its population of 388,125 is educated and diverse. Plus, it's a young city with over 50 percent of its residents being between the ages of 18 and 44.

Arlington’s robust economy and dynamic workforce is supported by strong commerce and industries including manufacturing, hospitality & tourism, logistics & trade, healthcare & life sciences and professional services.

Through its Work In Texas program, the Texas Workforce Commission provides many beneficial tools for anyone seeking employment opportunities, job recruitment or placement services. Visit Workforce Solutions to find out about area job fairs, career training and more.

Arlington is where the American Dream is an aspiration and a constant work in building and improving quality of life for a better future.