Arlington Animal Services
1000 SE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76018

Mail Stop 52-0100
P.O. Box 90231
Arlington, TX 76004-3231

Phone: 817-459-5898
Fax: 817-459-5698

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State Law provides for the formation of an advisory committee to oversee and make recommendations regarding the operations of an animal shelter in towns with populations in excess of 75,000. ASCAB encourages responsible pet ownership by providing an animal registration program, field enforcement services, educational services, and life safety services. The humane care and successful placement of lost and unwanted animals, and the eradication of rabies from the community’s animal population are critical to successful operations. ASCAB membership consists of nine members: one licensed veterinarian; one City official other than an employee of Code Compliance Services; five citizen-at-large positions; one person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter; and one representative from an animal welfare organization.

  • Dr. Nancy Carter - Place 1, Chair
  • Peggy Pfursich - Place 2
  • Donna McPherson - Place 3
  • Mary Sexton - Place 4
  • Elin B. Jacks - Place 5
  • Inez Stephens - Place 6
  • April Pettit - Place 7
  • Margaret McClure - Place 8
  • Ashley Woolnough - Place 9

Advisory Board Member Expectations

  1. Understand your official role as an advisory board member and where Animal Services fits into the City of Arlington.
  2. Attend all meetings and share your ideas and opinions - your voice speaks for our community!
  3. Visit Animal Services often and share your experiences (good and bad) with the Manager.
  4. Click on ALL the various links on the Animal Services website - you can learn a lot about events and services by spending 30 minutes per month on the website.
  5. Regularly look at Animal Services' Facebook page to learn about adoptions, follow initiatives and events, and participate in social media by sharing or commenting.
  6. Be an animal advocate - know what is going on at the federal, state and local level that impacts shelter funding and services. Give feedback to elected officials on issues.
  7. Give of your time and resources - contribute to initiatives, volunteer to assist with activities at the shelter, and encourage others to do the same.
  8. Tell friends, neighbors, and relatives about services provided by Animal Services and commit to advocating for services to the community.
  9. Attend Animal Services functions and commit to promoting programs and events.