Arlington Animal Services encourages responsible pet ownership by providing an animal registration program, field enforcement services, educational services and life safety services. The humane care and successful placement of lost and unwanted animals and the eradication of rabies from the community’s animal population are critical to successful operations.

Program Overview

The Animal Awareness and Safety Program will feature the following topics:

  • Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Animal Services In Action
  • Zoonosis Control
  • Bite Prevention
  • City Ordinance Familiarization
  • Shelter Tour

Animal Services staff hopes the knowledge gained by program participants will be passed along to friends and neighbors and will assist in fostering livable neighborhoods by decreasing the number of animal violations. In addition the program has been designed to provide responsive communication through additional education to the public about the various aspects of responsible pet ownership.

Program Details

Upon completion of the Animal Awareness and Safety Program, qualified individuals may have their citations dismissed for certain Animals Chapter and Nuisance Chapter violations. This program is not available to individuals who have received a citation for a violation of the Dangerous Animal provisions, or for failing to quarantine an animal. An individual may be eligible for the program once each calendar year from the date of the previous offense.

Program Registration

  • Upon receiving a citation, an individual will be mailed a pre-trial court setting notice. The notice will provide the individual with a date and time to appear in court. An individual who wishes to participate in the Animal Awareness and Safety Program may request the program at this time.
  • The individual will be registered for the program at the assigned pre-trial court date. At the time of registration, the individual will receive a brochure with instructions on how to complete the Animal Awareness program.
  • The individual, within 90 days, will be required to take the Animal Awareness class. A certificate of completion will be given to the individual upon successful completion of the program. A non-refundable program fee of $35.00, per citation, is due before taking the Animal Awareness class. Fees can be paid at the Animal Services Center.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, the court will be petitioned to dismiss the citation.