Fish CreekIn August 2009, staff began working with residents of the Fish Creek Neighborhood, approximately 442 acres in size, located between SH360 and New York Ave, just south of Southeast Green Oaks Blvd.

The Fish Creek Neighborhood includes four residential subdivisions (Briarhill Estates, Harwood Meadows, Britton Place, and Webb-Britton Estates) comprised of 944 single family housing units, built mostly in the 1990s. It also contains two schools (Barnett Junior High School and Bryant Elementary School), Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, small restaurants, and commercial and retail businesses including a grocery store. The staff has provided professional and technical assistance to the Fish Creek steering committee members on the preparation of their neighborhood plan.

Neighborhood Goals

  1. Promote Fish Creek Neighborhood as a Welcoming Place
  2. Create a Safe Environment for the Fish Creek Neighborhood
  3. Encourage Community Partnerships and Academic Excellence for Fish Creek Neighborhood Schools
  4. Promote Pedestrian Accessibility in the Fish Creek Neighborhood
  5. Promote Fish Creek Neighborhood as a Clean and Beautiful Place


  1. Fish Creek Neighborhood includes the Briarhill Estates Addition, which is officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
  2. Collaborated with Barnett Junior High School students on the creation of a logo representing the Fish Creek Neighborhood. On November 19, 2010, an Awards Dinner was held to showcase the top logo designs. The winning logo, shown above, was selected as the identifying symbol for the neighborhood.
  3. Won the Naturally Fun Neighborhood Event Facebook contest sponsored by the Park and Recreation Department. On June 12, 2010, over 300 area residents attended the Naturally Fun event in Fish Creek Neighborhood Park.
  4. Partnered with the Arlington Urban Design Center on the design of street sign toppers and enhanced entry features. Area residents will apply for a Neighborhood Matching Grant to seek funding assistance for these design elements.
  5. Partnered with the Arlington Urban Design Center to establish design guidelines for three undeveloped commercial properties within the neighborhood boundary.
  6. Painted medians at the intersections of SH360 and Edinburgh and SH360 and Havenwood Drive as a means to discourage cut-through traffic and increased speed within the residential neighborhood.
  7. Hosted a neighborhood meeting at Barnett Junior High School in October 2010 to reveal the draft plan and receive feedback from area residents.
  8. Presented the neighborhood plan to City Council in December 2010, and received unanimous approval from Council members.

For more information please contact Sarah Stubblefield at 817-459-6566 or [email protected].