The City's Watershed Study Program began in 2010 after Tropical Storm Hermine caused widespread flooding across the City. The City discovered that some of the data used in the current FEMA floodplain maps had not been updated since the 1970s. Land development since the 1970s has impacted creeks and the way that the water flows within its watershed. The primary goal of the City’s Watershed Study Program is to update all engineering data for a watershed to develop accurate flood risk data that represents the current characteristics of the watershed. The updated engineering data is used to identify flood risks, provide better project planning for the City’s Stormwater Capital Improvement Program, identify and classify erosion risks, and update the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).


  • Type address number and street location into search box while in Current Floodplain View and click apply or enter.
  • Click the bolded address in the search results box
  • Compare the Current Floodplain View with the Future Floodplain View by clicking the  "Future" option at the bottom of the page.

The City developed the Rush Creek Watershed Study and submitted this comprehensive and up-to-date technical data to FEMA. FEMA has accepted the City’s data and the preliminary floodplain map update for Rush Creek is available for viewing. The floodplain limits will change in this watershed and property owners may be required by their lenders to carry flood insurance.

FEMA is currently addressing comments and appeals to the preliminary floodplain changes and will notify the City of the effective date of the final map.  For questions on the upcoming map update or to make an appointment to review the Floodplain Maps in person, contact the Public Works Department at 817-459-6550 or [email protected].  For more information, please visit or call FEMA Map Information at 1-877-336-2627. 

The FIRM updates are used to inform the public about the potential flood risks for an area. This information is used by many people including potential home buyers to determine if a house or property is in a known floodplain. Lenders also use the FIRM to determine which properties need flood insurance policies while insurance agents use the FIRM to determine what flood insurance rates should be.

Changes to the floodplain maps will include:

  • Addition or modification of Base Flood Elevations
  • Special Flood Hazard Area boundary changes
  • Changes to flood zone designations
  • Revisions to the floodway boundaries

Once the FIRM map panels become effective, buildings that are newly mapped into the Special Flood Hazard Area or High-Risk Area, will have 12 months from the effective date to still receive the Preferred Risk Policy premium rates. After the first year, rates will then increase up to 18 percent a year.

As part of the map revision process you may appeal the preliminary FIRM and FIS data with any technical engineering data that may represent the area better. There is a 90 - day period in which you can appeal the map revisions. For more information please visit or call FEMA Map Information at 1-877-336-2627.

Don't wait to purchase flood insurance!  There is a 30-day waiting period for flood policies to take effect. Contact your local insurance agent for more information on rates and policies.

You can view the current Tarrant County Firm maps and previously approved Arlington map revisions in the box below.