The City of Arlington City Council approved Resolution No. 19-267 on September 24, 2019 authorizing the update of the Repetitive Loss Area Analysis (RLAA) Plan. The RLAA Plan identifies and evaluates repetitive loss properties throughout the City. The RLAA Plan delineates repetitive loss areas (RLA) based upon the location of the repetitive loss properties and suggests ways to mitigate or reduce flood losses in each RLA. The RLAA Plan also identifies specific projects for the City to complete to mitigate or reduce repetitive flooding in these areas. There is a total of forty-seven (47) Repetitive Loss Areas (RLA) identified throughout the City by the RLAA Plan.

The RLAA Plan was prepared as part of the City's participation in the FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) Program. Inclusion in the CRS Program provides flood insurance rate premium discounts to all property owners in the City. In May 2018, the City achieved a Class 6 rating in the CRS Program allowing property owners to receive a 20% discount if they are within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and a 10% discount if they are outside of the SFHA.  In 2020, the City achieved a Class 5 rating that increased the flood insurance discount to 25%.  Changes to the flood insurance program now allows the discount to apply to all flood insurance policies in the City of Arlington.  Visit the Community Rating System page for more information.

In order to retain CRS credit for the RLAA Plan, the City must prepare an annual progress report on the various activities the City is performing as referenced in the RLAA Plan. The 2019 RLAA Plan and previous progress reports and plans are provided below.  Should you have any questions about the Repetitive Loss Area Analysis Plan, please contact the Public Works Department's Stormwater Management Division at 817-459-6550.