Dragonflies sculpture

“Kinetic” sculptor David Hickman is famed for creations that interact with the environment, reacting to wind or sun. This whimsical whirligig sculpture at Meadowbrook Sculpture Garden, 249-201 Willis Ave, Arlington, TX 76010 (the multi-piece metallic structure turns in the wind like a weather vane and then quivers like its namesake) is titled “Dragonflies. The pieces are particularly fun to watch on a windy, direction-shifting day. Like weather vanes, the Dragonflies will point to the direction from which the newest storm is approaching. If they also quiver like their namesakes, it also indicates the wind velocity has surpassed 20 m.p.h.

Hickman, a Texas native, hails from Gainesville but is most identified with Dallas in the early parts of his career and New Mexico today. Hickman works in all metals, carved stone, slumped glass, and glass mosaic, but in recent years has focused more on wind-activated, kinetic elements to create signature site-specific works. He was selected by the Texas Commission on the Arts as the Texas State Artist Three-Dimensional category for the year 2004. He was also selected by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects as Artist of the Year 2005.

Learn more about David Hickman at davidbhickman.com

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